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Hash Trashmania - Calendar
14 Hobart Full Moon H3 and Burnie H3 High Noon for Full Moon III
You'd need a coal miner, to find her...

The Mayor of Bayswater and his very lovely daughter invites hashers from around the state to gather in FINGAL at NOON on Saturday 14th January 2006 for High Noon for Full Moon III.

Everyone knows that the scenic town of Fingal is renowned for coal, shovels and coal shovelling. Now the pit bosses at Burnie H3 have hit a rich seam of hashing excellence and look forward to dragging our Sourthern mining crew even more northwards. There may even be some work details from the local Launceston pit!

Miners will be provided a ration of stout, as dark and as thick as the phlegm emptied from the mess hall spittoon, as well as some other beverages distilled by Full Moon's master brewer.

BYO hard hats, miners lights and canaries, and you will need to find your own roadkill for the barbecue (bread and salads provided).

For those looking to extend their working shift, the Fingal pub in Talbot Street will be welcoming miners for an evening of rural recreation.

The pub has a couple of luxury suites* still available for $45, plus there is a paddock next to the pub which will cater for miners' swags.
* luxury means that the door has a lock

Miners should assemble at the pub at noon and will be directed by mine foremen Ringo, Chunder and A Bit of This.

Fingal is on the Esk Main Road (A4) about 45km from the turn off at Conara junction, which is almost exactly halfway by road between Burnie and Hobart.

If you thought that Ross and Campbell Town were the pits, you've never been to Fingal!
18 Park Beach Pig Pen 2006
Nugent (east of Sorrel) - just follow the clearly marked signs!!

All runs start at 1:00pm

Hashers welcome to stay over the weekend from Friday 17th.

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